If there’s anything that makes Minnesotans more uncomfortable than being asked for money… it’s asking other people for money.

The producers of “Theater People” are all Minnesotans, so we don’t make many pushes for donations, but the show is made possible by the overwhelming generosity of our cast, crew and location providers.

We would love to continue this series and other film projects involving Twin Cities artists, so if you like what you’ve seen and feel like throwing a few bucks our way to help us continue down this crazy road, please consider clicking the button below.

Thanks so much for watching and supporting “Theater People”!

(All donations will be processed through Matthew Anderson)


Thank you to the organizations and individuals below who have hosted us in their places of business and on their stages.  Thanks to those who have loaned us props and costumes and have helped us in countless other ways!  We literally could not do this without their support.

Special thanks

Lee Adams, Linda Sue Anderson, Pat Anderson, Gordon Anderson, Carin Bratlie, Adena Brumer, Liz Carey-Linskey, Julia Carlis, Bill Collins, David Coral, Zach Curtis, Michelle Delgado, Chari Eckmann, Rhiannon Fisk, Emma Gochberg, Leigha Horton, Keith Hovis, Mandi Johnson, Brian Kelly, Adam King, Billie Jo Konze, Jessie Ladig, Michael Lee, Carin Leonard-Gorrill, Rachel Linder, Marie Long, Tara Lucchino, John Middleton, Amy Myers, Julie Ann Nevill, Tim Perfect, Tamara Philbrick, Keith Prusak, Anna Reichert, Ryan Ripley, Taj Ruler, Amanda Schnabel, Edwin Strout, Eric “Pogi” Sumangil, Ben Tallen, Debbie Tallen, Katie Terpstra, Jean Wolff